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Certified Nurse’s Aides in Walnut Creek CA- Keeping Your Senior’s Lifestyle Balanced

Certified Nurse’s Aides- Keeping Your Senior’s Lifestyle Balanced

Certified Nurse's Aides in Walnut Creek CA- Keeping Your Senior's Lifestyle BalancedBalance is a big factor in keeping your senior healthy. Everyone needs balance in their life. Without balance we get out of whack and can become sluggish or overstressed depending on our lifestyles. Certified nurse’s aides have a lot on their plate when it comes to your loved one’s needs. Because they are in charge of your senior’s daily lives they can help balance out your senior’s days. This not only helps your senior stay healthy, it also helps your senior’s certified nurse’s aide manage their daily responsibilities. With both your senior and their nurse’s aide keeping a balanced schedule both will be healthier for it.

There are many factors that add to a balanced life. Among those are activity, rest, self-care, and diet. As your senior ages they can fall into a lifestyle that is out of balance. Perhaps they are less active and spend a lot of time lying around. Maybe they are indulging in unhealthy foods and need to balance out their diet. On the other hand, in an effort to stay active your senior could be adding stress to their lives with a busy schedule. Too much on one activity or habit can be a bad thing. That is why it’s important for your senior’s certified nurse’s aide to manage their schedules and keep their lives balanced, because a balanced life is a healthy life.

Activity is something that will become less and less as your senior ages. Their activity will diminish for a number of reasons. They can become uncomfortable going out or fearful that they will hurt themselves and be in an unfamiliar place. Activity doesn’t have to be what it used to be for your senior, but they shouldn’t give it up all together. Your senior’s certified nurse’s aide can help keep your senior active. They can take them for walks or take them with them to run errands. To have a balanced lifestyle your senior needs to stay active. If they stop their activities now they will be less likely to pick them back up.

On the other hand, rest is very important for your senior. As much as you want your loved one to stay active, you also want them to get the rest they need. Too much activity can wear your loved one out and add stress to their life. It can also cause them discomfort if they suffer from chronic pain or an illness. Giving your senior time to rest gives them the energy to stay active.

Self-care and diet go hand in hand. Your senior’s caregiver is in charge of providing your senior with a healthy diet and self-caring lifestyle. To live a balanced life your senior needs healthy foods, their daily medications, and ample exercise. By themselves seniors can get stuck in a rut and find themselves living an unbalanced life, but with a caregiver looking after them they can change that around. They’ll have the help they need to enjoy a fulfilled, balanced life.

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Hillendale CNA and HHA School. Hillendale Home Care is licensed by the State of California to provide Certified Nursing training courses for Contra Costa and Alameda Counties.


About Bridget Waller

Bridget Waller, RN is the owner and Executive Director of Hillendale Home Care. Bridget received her nursing training at Charing Cross Teaching Hospital in London, England.

After moving to the USA she received her California nursing license and began her California nursing career in various Bay Area hospitals. Bridget eventually moved from the CCU/ICU/ER hospital environment into Home Health Care.

During her work experience in California, she has established supervisory and high-level management roles for a number of Bay area Home Health Care Agencies before opening Hillendale Home Care in 2002.