Hillendale Home Care is licensed by the State of California to provide Certified Nursing training courses for Contra Costa and Alameda Counties.

CEUs for CNAs

Training letters

Pre-registration is required! Book your class with the calendar below!

Parking is available at South Broadway and North Locust (next to Lesher Center) will be 50c an hour.

Full days are eight (8) CEUs and half days are four (4) CEUs.

All class times are the same each day:
AM 8:30–12:30
PM 1:00–5:00

***The doors lock at 8:40am and 1:10pm. We abide by state guidelines***

You will not be allowed to take the class if you are late!


CEU 2019 Schedule

January 18th
AM - Normal Aging process & Abnormal Observations
PM - Working with Difficult & Combative People

February 5th
AM End of Life Care
PM Understanding Hospice

February 12th
AM Understanding MRSA
PM Infection Control

February 26th
AM How Wounds Heal
PM Preventing Pressure Ulcers

March 5th
AM ParkinsonÕs Disease
PM Multiple Sclerosis and Caregiving

March 7th
AM Nutrition & Prescribed Diets
PM Understanding Diabetes

March 22nd
AM Understanding Hearing Disorders
PM Understanding Eye Disorders

April 9th
AM Understanding Kidney Disease & Care
PM Fluids & Electrolytes

April 16th
AM Incontinence & UTI's
PM Perineal and Catheter Care

April 26th
AM Understanding Dementia
PM Understanding AlzheimerÕs Disease

May 10th
AM Patient Rights and HIPPA
PM Understanding Abuse and Neglect

May 21st
AM Basic First Aid
PM Fire Safety and Emergency Procedures

June 3rd
AM Personal Wellness and Stress Management
PM Professionalism

June 21st
AM Common GI Disorders and Care
PM Ostomies and Ostomy Care

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